Promoters / Artists Info


We can film your performance and/or record audio, either as part of a gig or behind closed doors for promotional purposes. Please contact us to discuss.

*Artists – please note that due to the size and unique set-up, we do not have dressing rooms. However in some situations we may be able to provide a private area; this is discussed on a needs basis with artists, agents or promoters at the time of booking.

Our stage is small, we can accommodate up to 4 piece bands but after that its a bit of a squeeze.


  • FOH: Yamaha S115v Tops
  • RCF Sub Passive 2K
  • Monitors x 3 15’ active Wharfdales
  • Desk: Behringer Air 18, iPad controlled.

All stands and mics supplied. – *House engineer can supply various mics; Shure, Sennheiser. In ears can be supplied on request depending on the situation.

Basic in house bass amp and guitar amp can be discussed at the time of booking the venue.

Please note, the equipment is more than adequate for our small underground venue of 60 capacity. We have been advised that it could – ‘blow the f*cking roof off’ – not that we would want or intend to do so.

ACCESS: Please visit our ACCESS PAGE HERE for info whether you have needs as a performer, or if you are concerned about your audience:

STROBE LIGHTS: We do not ordinarily have access to strobe lights and if performers need to use them, they will need to provide their own, and we will need to inform the audience prior to the show via info on this website and on posters advertising the show, as well as on the night within the venue. Thank you.