Artist/Audience Respect:

The Engine Room is a very small venue allowing intimate performances. As such, we encourage audience members to respect the artists, and to remain as silent as possible during performance. We would also like to encourage audience members to refrain from constantly using, as well as hoisting mobile phones and similar devices up in front of other audience members.

Staff will remain as silent as possible also during performances, and in some situations may stop serving drinks during actual songs/performance.

Equality & Diversity

The Engine Room welcomes everyone, and as such will endeavour to respect the differences and needs of all staff and visitors, artists, audience members.

We would appreciate it if this was recognised and upheld by everyone we come into contact with and who comes to our venue.

People from all areas and backgrounds are welcome in The Engine Room, and we will endeavour to support under-represented groups wherever possible.

We must express that bullying, harassment, sexism and racism have no place here, and will not be tolerated.